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We Meet All Your Mexican Insurance Needs!

Established in 1965











Ing. José Antonio
Jiménez Esquivel

Profesional Insurance Agent specializing in Mexican Insurance Policies, including Mexican Medical insurance, Mexican Vehicle insurance, and Mexican life insurance

01 800 9011.833 MEX
1 866 2303486 USA
1 855 790 6903 CANADÁ

We help you
make life
saving changes
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    Insurance Products

















Key Employee Insurance

What would happen if a key employee in your business passed away? There is a way to insure the replacement of such valuable personnel. Contact us here for more information on this type of insurance.


Life Insurance

We meet all your family and professional life insurance needs. Protect your loved ones, your business, and your property.


Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is essential and protects you and your property against risks like: accidents, theft,lesions, and damages to third parties and their vehicular property. We want to help you reduce your risk against having major losses, and guarantee your protection against disasters and vehicular problems

Choose the Mexican Auto insurance that best fits your needs.


Healt Insurance

¡¡¡ One of the most important types of insurance you can get when thinking of your Mexico Insurance needs, is Mexican health insurance. Not only that, but these monthly health insurance payments are tax deductible. You have a medical deductible for insurance of up to $ 152,000.00 pesos. Ask us about the type of medical insurance you need!


Home Insurance

Home insurance protects all of your assets against disasters, or theft.

We carry both renters insurance and home insurance. Ask us how we can get you covered.



Business Insurance

When you are in business, you need to think about protecting your business against theft, fire, and damages that could be caused by third parties. Protect your equipment, your vehicles, and your buildings. We have several options in business insurance. Contact us for a free consultation.

We can also meet your business needs for employee insurance, health insurance and life insurance.


Disability or Retirement Insurance

Have you thought about your future, your retirement? Who will care for you as you age, or will will you get the funds to continue the lifestyle you now have. You can provide for that future without putting a financial strain on your family.

The best thing you can give your children is their eduation, but you can also give them something else "The Gift of Not Having to Depend on Them"

At Best Insurance in Mexico We can Orient you and help you find the insurance plan that meets your needs and budget. Contact us at: customerservice@bestinsuranceinmexico.com


Educational Insurance

The best thing we can offer our children is education! Have you given much thought to what would happen if you passed away, became incapacitated. What happens if you dont have the needed financial resources when its time to pay for college educations. We know how to help you cover those needs.Email us at: customerservice@bestinsuranceinmexico.com



Main Office  

Luis M. Vega No. 36 Col. Cimatario
CP. 76030, Querétaro, Qro.
Phones: +52(442)

San Miguel de Allende contact us at:

Puerto Vallarta contact us at:

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