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We Meet All Your Mexican Insurance Needs!

Established in 1965


Ing. José Antonio
Jiménez Esquivel

Profesional Insurance Agent specializing in Mexican Insurance Policies, including Mexican Medical insurance, Mexican Vehicle insurance, and Mexican life insurance


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Medical Insurance Costs to
Live in Mexico are Small

Today, we can discover all sorts of information on medical tourism for Mexico. Suddenly, it has become the "in" thing to go to Mexico for medical procedures But Americans and Canadians who have resided in Mexico for a while , have realized that medical procedures are just as safe here, as they are in the States,but less costly . Nevertheless , not withstanding the costs medical costs are expensive and to avoid this, you better have some kind of medical insurance costs to live in Mexico planned out .

Just as the medical procedures themselves are not expensive, the same goes for medical insurance costs to live in mexico, these are inexpensive too, but take some planning. First lets establish that Mexico is a foreign country, and as such, most insurance plans from the United States, or Canada is not valid here, so, when and when you have {an emergency, flying off to your native country is often not a viable option.

People who decide to live in Mexico, usually , they think through the whole movement . They come and choose the home they want, spend time getting the paperwork done. They plan their financial future , but they usually let something as important as health care slip through the cracks.

It is really thoughtless to let this happen, as medical insurance costs to live in Mexico are a fraction of what they actually cost in the United States, and can easily be solved by buying a medical expense plan . Why would you not protect yourself against medical emergencies? There is good medical care here and when a person gets sick, it is not often that he can just fly back home to get it taken care of.

Now, some medical insurance plans from the U.S. and Canada work in Mexico, but more often than not, they dont or they dont offer full coverage . Therefore, the best option is to buy a good that may cost {about | aproximately $100 to $200 a month.
So, if you get appendicitis, apendicitis, or even come down with cancer while in Mexico, you can get much of the treatment taken care of in qualified, quality care hospitals there. Medical insurance costs to live in Mexico are not that expensive, but probably more than most people have in their pocket , especially when planing on living in Mexico . Come to www.bestinsuranceinmexico.com for more information.




Tips on Choosing the Right
Mexican Insurance Provider

I have been a Mexican insurance provider for foreigners in Mexico for years now. Over the years I have found myself helping tourists, and foreigners with all of their Mexico insurance needs, whether that be auto insurance, home owner insurance, life insurance, or their business insurance needs. For all of these years, I have been amazed at how much care people take in choosing their insurance in the United States or in Canada, but don’t go to so much trouble when choosing their Mexican insurance providers. It is extremely important that foreigners pay attention to insurance laws, here in Mexico, as they differ a bit from those in the United States and Canada. The following tips will help you better determine the type of insurance they buy and who they purchase it from.

  1. Find out whether the Mexican insurance provider represents reputable companies, and whether those companies are financially stable.

  2. Find out whether you really need Mexican Insurance for your particular situation.

  3. You need to investigate the differences between Canadian, and U.S. insurance policies and Mexican policies. The laws of the country are different, so the insurance you need is also going to be different.

  4. Ask several Mexican insurance providers about the type of insurance you need, and what the payout, and the deductibles are.

It is usually best to use a Mexican insurance provider, but many people opt to use a US broker. If you use a broker, you need to find out how long he or she, has been insurance plans in Mexico.

With the global economy as it is today, it is important to purchase insurance from a reputable Mexican insurance provider, who deals with very financially stable companies. You don’t want your insurance broker to place you with a company that has trouble or you could have problems in the event of a claim. Today there are more than 50 Mexican insurance providers, and just as in the U.S., some have outstanding reputations, while others don’t.



What are the Current Events in Mexico Now

What are the Current events in Mexico with the great swine flu epidemic. the locals have truly respected the request of the governmentas they have been ordered not leave home unless it is to buy food and not be in contact with anyone who has a cough or any respiratory ailment.

But when the media asked what is going to happen to those that take advantage of the holiday and take to the highways, the report has been that there are enough staff for the PROFECO to impose fines etc. and the {residents Calderon is asking that people try their best to abide by the rules imposed to contain the area affected and the spread of any existing cases. Current events in Mexico, have shown the responsibility the government has been taking by implementing security measures, like keeping the country’s children from primary school to university level and all types of other registered schools of any kind ordered closed until May 5th or further notice because of the great swine flu epidemic. Classesare announcing that they will make up the time by extending into July to make up for lost time. Our experience here is that the private schools are continuing corresponding with their teachers, doing homework assignments and even exams that were scheduled via the internet with times limits of the date issued.

It must also be consideredthat currently in Mexico all the business of all kinds, except those essential to life, have to be shut down until further notice. On top of it all restaurants refrain from accepting sit down customers and may only accept customers who will accept a take- out service for clients. This has to be very difficult for most business owners. At the same time [ they are expected to offer payment on time to their employees despite not generating income .Mexico has simply stopped all it’s normal functioning. The streets are deserted, gas station attendents stand and wait for a car to drive in. The word is that this may last at least until the 11th of May, 2009. Current events in Mexico, have changed a great deal in the last twenty years, in so far as what and how the government reacts to societys needs, and we can see that here with their response to the great swine flu epidemic. Read Point South Mexico for more interesting articles on Mexico.



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